5 Things Facebook Know About Your Love Life.

5 Things Facebook know about Your Love Life

Facebook Knows a lot about RELATIONSHIPS.

These facts and figures about love and relationships,  it’s all there on Facebook database. You need not consult the experts.

The Facebook has such an immense database across the world that research of the Facebook love facts is HIGHLY TRUE.

#5 –The first 12 months are crucial when it comes to determining whether a relationship will last the distance.


As per the graph on the picture by data recording the activity of facebook user in relationships, . It’s finding state that ,relationships with 2 years
or more are likely to last longer

Furthermore, what’s important to any relationship is the first 12 months that is a crucial period which more or less strengthens or breaks the bond.

Facebook also claims if you begin a relationship in winter, it is bound to last longer than those started in summer.

#4– People post loads of Facebook updates in the months before a relationship, but once it’s “official,”they get quieter.

In another statistical graph seen in this image courtesy facebook,


FB observed that ,  people posted a lot about their daily activity and about their parents before relationship , but once the relationship entered into its 4th month, the posting became less frequent.

The Novelity Of Being In Love Died.

#3 — But when a relationship does start, people start posting more happy things almost immediately.

The graph rightly displays a trend of activity before and after a relationship.

FB observes that single people posted less and their activity on facebook was negligible. But the moment they entered a relationship, their social activity increased almost overnight suggesting that people like being in love and positivity in their life increases.

#2– Facebook User Interacts Less with the Facebook Friends When they are in Relationship with another Facebook User .

Frequency of replying the messages, postings with facebook friends decreases gradually when Facebook user is in relationship


But Frequency of messaging, posting and commenting will be much higher after the relationship BREAKUPS.

Even friends interacts more once the committed status Read “SINGLE”.

#1– Peak Time For Breakups is Just AFTER Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Peak Breakup Time

. A study based on facebook members and their relationships recorded by David McCandles and Lee Byron found that most problems happened post festive events like Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Most break ups of relationships happened after these events.

Though it may seem odd, it means that people were prone to keeping the peace on the occasions but preferred a break up once the occasion was over.

It seems “FACEBOOK”   has become an expert on predicting human love behavior. :-)

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